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Barbara is a performer, choreographer who collaborates with visual artists, photographers and musicians.
 She also works as a Pilates teacher, and loves to explore the body through movement techniques such as Yoga, Feldenkrais, contact improvisation, contemporary dance, Aikido, and nowadays BDSM, particularly Bondage. 
Her most recent creation is Vanitas, a bondage performance.

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barbara-WS1Sexy Bones

Awakening the senses through the skeleton, the innermost structure of our body and the basis of our support. 
In this morning class we will investigate and massage our own skeleton and that of our partner. We will rediscover the pleasure of movement through the bones, an exercise inspired by both Feldenkrais technique and contact improvisation. This will lead us to a deeper awareness of each others’ bodies, finally enabling us to know the sexiness of our bones.








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The Sensuality of Naturebarbara-WS2

Stones, leaves, thorns, skin and grass. A workshop to amplify the senses. You will be led blindfolded into the woods, where nature’s elements will stimulate your senses of hearing, smell and touch. This will be a journey through the unpredictable to experiment in trust and pleasure.










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barbara-WS3The String Theory - PERFORMANCE

Certainly the physical world is described by mathematical theories and structures of great beauty and elegance, which have their own precise and demanding internal logic: we do not know why, but it is so. And over time the theories become increasingly stringent and rich.
(Edward Witten)


11 members of the audience will be involved as active part in the performance.

The strings are understood to be infinitely short and thin threads that form the basic element of Universe. An extraordinary tension seems to determine the frequency of the strings’ vibrations: the higher the frequency, the bigger the mass of particles generated in the vibration, and the bigger the gravity force that the particles exerts on each other.
 The vibrational modes of these subtle threads often close them into a ring shape, generating the elementary particles that are the basis of all universal matter. – Much as a violin string generates an infinite number of musical tones, depending on its tension and the intensity of the vibration.

The String Theory is a project Fabrizio Zamero, La Badini
Performer: Barbara Stimoli
Production: Corpi Sensibili 2007– Udine (I), Museo Carlo Zauli – Faenza (I) - 2007