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Paradoxa: place of birth: Germany
has lived in stuttgart, linosa, bologna and berlin
adventurous, curious researcher of the worlds of the body and of the people
filmmaker, life-artist, holistic healer practitioner




floating – being - devotion

We go into a 360 degree room: the pool - again into the uterus
in the warm water, giving us, let us carry, float.

In this workshop Paradoxa will show some techniques how to touch, move, massage a person in and under water.
We experience maximal support by a partner
optimal freedom of movement
our partner takes control
Someone touches, someone leads, someone controls our breath

We surrender and fall into total devotion



drowning – affirmation of dying – find your Yes to life

water is life and can bring death - drowning. 

in this workshop Paradoxa wants to get to the root of death 
Whether you fear death or secretly long for it,
you are equally welcome!
We engage in a profound experiment!
We will decide here and now in the pool to drown 

The one who says Yes to death usually also finds his or her Yes to life.