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Amrita Joy


Her Workshops:

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Amrita Joy is a California certified sexological bodyworker, Biodanza facilitator, professional masseur and Aroma therapist.
She focuses on somatic psychology, and offers many workshops of Art/Music/Dance therapies and psychotherapy:
for enhancing capacity of pleasure and healing in diverse culture.
Infuses sensual, delicate and passionate oriental sea breeze into you - from the Far East, Japan.




Dancing with Clay


dirty and proud to be

The clay comes from the mother earth... where we're born and dying.

The clay exposes your unknown face. The clay opens your skin to melt with other bodies.

The clay transforms own shape in your sculpture. When your skin merges the clay you become the sculpture.

We won't give up the excitement as a wild child which awakes an erotic creature from the bone.

Please bring following with you with the proud to be totally dirty!!!
Swimming wear
and oils for hair protection

PLEASE USE THE OUTSIDE SHOWER & TOILET and wash all clay off outside
Facilities & stuff will appreciate it.



Dancing under Water

Sensual trance and suspension

The water invites us in regression...

Gravity changes, movements go slow, and our bodies become sheer.

Sounds, pulsations, colors, and touching show clear contrast over and beyond the water.

Sensitize our perceptions, let go our control and drawn to sensual caresses. we explore most sensitive contacts of deep impacts.

Please bring with you:
Swimming wear

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