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delta® is an art performer, dancer, choreographer, art director and light & stage artist since the late 70's.

In 1985 he started his autodidactic dance studies by experimenting on stage and specializing in the German “Ausdruckstanz” (expressionism dance). In 1986 he started practicing Butoh, studying with Tetsuro Tamura, Akaji Maro, Kazuo Ohno and Anzu Furukawa in Tokyo.

In 1987 he founded tatoeba-THÉÂTRE DANSE GROTESQUE with Minako Seki and Yumiko Yoshioka in Berlin.

In 1995 he created "!" an international symposium and dance exchange project. Together with Yumiko Yoshioka he curates and directs this 4-yearly event at the Castle of Bröllin, an art-in-residence centre in Germany.

In 1998 he started exploring interactions with dance.  His “Foot Washing Ceremony” presents an interactive public dance-installation for one person (

Since 2000 he mainly collaborates with Felix Ruckert in Berlin and Gregor Weber in Cologne.

Through Felix he got in touch with Contemporary Dance and participated in interactive performances of Felix Ruckert such as “Deluxe Joy Pilot”, “Ring”, “Love Zoo” and “Secret Service”. Often ha has also taught at the Xplore Festivals.

Since 2004 he is administrative director of Cie. Felix Ruckert Berlin e.V. and since 2008 also of schwelle7.

As part of the Creation Team of the Xplore Festival he is responsible for all production affairs, especially website, financial affairs, registration and participant's support.




Foot Washing

Washing feet was a normal part of life in earlier times, because roads were dusty and shoes were expensive. Therefore washing feet was a daily ritual, a sign of respect and esteem for our fellow human beings. It was not only used to clean, but also to heal and to care for the feet, which were sore due to long distance walks. Meanwhile the foot washing ritual has disappeared from daily life. Nowadays, the idea of washing feet often causes amazement or astonishment.


I would like to bring new life to this ritual and answer the following questions:
- Why are feet so sensitive?
- How does the sensation of our feet give an impulse to the rest of the body?
- What should I know, if I want to do a foot washing ceremony?

Please bring a towel, if you can! But come, even if you don't have one.



Foot Torturedelta-basto1

Our feet are both robust and extremely sensitive. The torturers in former times used this knowledge to give convicts draconian punishment with a cane on the sole. This punishment was extraordinarily painful, but it didn´t leave any traces.
Even today, the classic "Bastonade" is often used to bring pain through the sole of the foot to the whole body. Foot torture is, however, much more than the simple use of a cane. Torture starts for everyone at a different point. For some of us, tickling may be much more of a torture than anything else.
This workshop will provide many nasty ideas for different methods of torturing.



Out Door Floggingdelta-whip

What a great opportunity that we can leave the closed space and go out into nature to play.

We will look for a beautiful area in the close-by wood and also for natural tools. There we will find some branches for birching or also some stinging nettle stems…

Between trees and bushes we will find great spots to play with pain and pleasure wile flogging or getting flogged.  

Of course we will go through a variety of practical exercises which give you a feeling for the use of different tools. Only the one who knows what it feels like to get whipped, is able to use a whipping tool responsibly.
By concentrating on the softness in our brain and body we will transform ourself into a snake or whip in order to feel the very nature of what we are doing. It will bring us the idea of being connected with our partner very deeply as we are responsible for each other in love.

We will therefore experience that there is actually nothing dark or secret by having a playful massage while a soft warm wind is caressing your skin too.