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Mirko Dettori


His Workshops:

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Mirko Dettori - Musician, performer and DJ.
Studied Music and Ear Training with professor Beppe Rusconi.

He attended the Luca Marenzio Conservatory in Brescia where he studied Musical Perception, Jazz arrangement and improvisation with Francesco Villa, Corrado Guarino and Sandro Ghibellini. Attended Master Classes held by Paolo Fresu, Uri Caine, Franco D'Andrea and Chucho Valdez.
Worked as musician and entertainer in retirement homes and psychiatric hospitals.
He taught italian language and privately teaches musical language, piano and accordion.
He extensively worked as a DJ and presenter in radios and strip clubs.

As a musician and actor he conducts and hosts shows inspired by the themes of Variety, Cafè Chantant and early '900 chansons. In the last two years he's collaborated, as musician, performer and host with the Ritual The Club and Torture Garden Italy Fetish Parties.

Since 2009 he's part of Rome's Micca Club's cast.





Shyness, indecision and inhibition are often caused by a lack of self acceptance, own physicality as of one's own voice. The workshop aims to explore in an explorational way the characteristics of the participants, leading them to charge them until they become a mask. We will explore vocallity and experiment with timbres and intonations, we will characterize the physical peculiarities and play with the behaviors and postures, with the aim of opening the door to new events and nuances of his character.



Rhythm on Bodies

It is said that a good musician is also a good lover. In general, the propensity and sensitivity to rhythm and musicality of the movement are important prerogatives to be sexually loose and relaxed. The walk, coordination and fluidity of gesture as the found in swing music, the upbeat times and the softness of time syncopated, are explored through both musical instruments and experimenting with rhythmic movements of the body.