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Khyram & Julius

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Kyrahm and Julius Kaiser are considered as representatives of the contemporary body art.

Kyrahm is a conceptual artist, video artist, body artist performer and actress. She creates performances with a strong emotional impact. Here everything happens for real. Her concepts are original and innovative. She operates in communication and contemporary art fields.

Julius Kaiser is performance artist, filmmaker and Drag King performer. His artistic research originates in the experimentation of gender role performance proposing a fluid vision of genders according to the Queer Theory.

“Kyrahm and Julius Kaiser are Captain Achab of the new trans-oceanic excistence’s corporeal border. Capable of stopping and re-creating the world, sacrifice becomes poetry”. Marco Fioramanti.

"Kyrahm and Julius Kaiser: twenty first century’s mutant body”. Lorenzo Canova, art historian

"Kyrahm and Julius Kaiser are representatives of the contemporary body art” Vitaldo Conte, Accademia Belle Arti di Roma, historian - Pulsional Gender Art - 2012. Awards / Premi

    • Premio Arte Laguna, Venezia (2009)
    • Premio Adrenalina – Museo Macro Roma (2012)
    • Celeste Prize International on line vote – New York (2010)
    • Corto Acquario International Film festival, Roma (2012)
    • Menzione speciale della giuria Premio Chiara Baldassarri, Vecchiano - PI (2012)



Human Installation IV: The Jeweller - PERFORMANCE Art by Kyrahm and Julius Kaiser


“Marie, why are you so pale? What is the red necklace you wearing? Where did you get it from, this nice necklace? Did you earn it with your sinns?“ (Woyzeck by Georg Büchner)

The performance encloses ancient meanings and signs. Julius Kaiser creates a composition of jewles on Kyrahm’s back, using needles that fix in her flash long necktiles of pearls. The jewel is used to injure the flesh. It’s the deconstruction of the status symbol. It’s the atavistic issue of the power differences among genders. The artist turns and starts hurting herself on her chest representing the brutal homicidal violence against women. The image of the baby projected drives the attention to the victims of the conflicts among parents.

"The act of adorning the image of the goddess is tranditional happeneing since centuries. In this performance there are antique signs and anthropological persistence. Kyrahm and Julius Kaiser’s work is a new evolution of the historical body art: the dialogue with painting, cinema and the meticulous attention to aesthetics is a characteristic of their work”. (Lorenzo Canova- storico dell'artee critico)

    • Borderline Festival 2013 – Norwich, UK
    • MutAzioni Humane e Pensiero – Fest. Int. di Performance Art, 2012 Roma
    • Festival delle Arti 2013 - Castello Estense, Ferrara
    • EAC Electronic Art Cafè a cura di Umberto Scrocca e Achille Bonito Oliva, Roma
    • Corpo - Festival Arti Performative 2011, Nocciano, Chieti e Pescara
    • 5° Biennale di Ferrara - Palazzo della Racchetta, Ferrara
    • Generatech Festival, Valencia 2010
    • International Female Extreme Body Art Festival – Roma 2010
    • IDKE XI 2009 Tucson, Arizona - USA
    • MutAzioni Profane – Performance Art Festival, 2009 Roma
    • Blue Wedding di Annie Sprinkle e Beth Stephens, 53° Biennale di Venezia

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